Grand List Property Listings

If you have any problem using the system, you can get help by calling NEMRC (1-800-387-1110) during office hours and asking for a call-back from Adam. You may also call the Listers, but do NOT call the Town Office, the Town Clerk, or the Webmaster.

This is a service that the town pays NEMRC (New England Municipal Resource Center, Ltd.) to provide all the Grand List Properties online. It does require registration which has a Captcha input to make sure the submission is by a human. There are two things to note here: 1) If the Captcha is not clear you can get another one without submitting your registration by clicking on the little red icon with the circling arrows just to the right of the fill-in box, and 2) if your submission is rejected because your Captcha did not pass, you will need to re-enter your password, so you may want to start with a short easy password. This is the first stage of registration; the second is to click on a link in a confirmation email. If you do not get an email back immediately registering, you will need to call the number below (some email ISP think that the confirmation email is spam, so look in your spam box, if your email isp provides one; other email ISPs may delete ‘known’ spam immediately, OR you may just have a slow email provider or a slow ISP.)

Once you are registered, you will log in to use the system. Then you will select the town [Morgan]. A new selection and submission form will appear below, where you need to select the module [CAMA] (=Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal) to look at the property cards in various selections. On the right you can check all the attributes you want in the results: Acres, # bedrooms, building type, valure, bldg age, owner name, or parcel id. By entering various constraints you can get various selections of the grand list. If you want to look up the properties of a particular owner you can enter a name, but only one name (not first and last name); in Morgan the last name is used.

To return to the Login/Registration, just click the X in the upper right-hand corner of the highlighted tab above, OR click here.