Town Government

The Government of the Town of Morgan

Calendar of Events

Minutes for Town Meetings are found on the Town Clerk’s page

Between Town Meetings the Town is managed by a board of three selectmen.

Animal Control Officer Marcia Descheneau (802) 895-3188

In 2013 there are 510 registered voters who may speak or cast ballots at town meetings. For the sake of comparison in 2004 there are 468 registered voters.

in 2013 in 2014

Moderator: Charles Woods
Town Clerk [see menu] TammyLee Morin
Town Treasurer: TammyLee Morin
Selectmen [see menu] Robert Guyer
Larry Labor (Chair)
Allan Wooley Tom Bonneville
N. Country School Director: Kristen Mason
Listers [see menu]: Diane Moore (Chair)
Joe Malgeri
Jim Judd
Auditors: Donna Young Susan Maginniss
Michelle Cass-Fortin
Dennis Ullery

Road Commissioner: Shawn Austin
First Constable Robert Cain
Second Constable Rick Pare
Delinquent Tax Collector James Judd
Grand Jurors: 1st Cyrus Benson
2nd Jane Hall Malgeri
Town Agent Jane Hall Malgeri
Cemetery Commissioners: Doug Garon, Kenneth Jenness
Marilyn Gray,Robert Cargill
Arline (Pat) Hunt
Community House Committee: Kenneth Jenness,
Bob Cain (Treasurer)
Brian Gray,
Laurie Cain,
Rosemary Miller (Chair),
Jane Malgeri,
Richard Miller, Rick Pare

Following appointed by the Selectmen

Zoning Officer: Steve Matson
Planning Commission: James Jordan (chair)
John Kipp, William Moore,
Shawn Austin, Charles Wood,
Steve Matson, Allan Wooley
Board of Adjustment: Roderick Ames (chair)
Michael Lacourse, Louis Russ
Animal Control Officer: vacant
NEKWND Supervisor: Brian Grey
Tree Warden: Bob Durgin
Town Service Officer: Ilene Douglas
Town Fire Warden: Robert Cain
Emergency Management: Sean Selby
Civil Defense: Sean Selby
Justices of the Peace: Arline (Pat) Hunt,
Brian Grey, Beverly May,
Ilene Douglas, Tom Bonneville

The town of Morgan comprises 21677 acres (33.87 sq. mi.) in Orleans county including Lake Seymour (1769 acres / 2.76 sq. mi.; 2.61 sq. mi. acc. to State census) which is owned by the State of Vermont; Town owns $410,000.00 of real property that is also not on the tax rolls.

The annual budget (2013) was $2,635,258 (actual $2710,258, of which ca. $699,052 per annum is for the town expenses). For comparison in 2004 the annual budget was $1,561,006.10 (of which ca. $350,000 per annum is for the town expenses) ; income from property taxes was $1,373,630.64

In 2013 There were 320 residential parcels, 381 seasonal parcels, and 156 other parcels (16 farms) for a total of 857 parcels. For comparison in 2004 there were 222 residential parcels, 396 vacation parcels, and 18 farms (& 3 other categories for 208 parcels) for a total of 826 parcels.