Morgan Select Board Meeting 1/9/06

Morgan Select Board Meeting
Held on January 9th 2006 @ 7:00 PM

Present: Select board: R. Miller, R. Guyer, and Brian Gray
Guest: Grace Curtis, David Curtis and Bud McMullan

Meeting started at 7:00 pm

1. Minutes to meeting of December 27, 2005. Approved

2. We still need a moderator, meeting of January 11, 2005 for moderators and
an 800 phone number to sign up. Robert Guyer will call Steve Marsh and discuss
what it entails.

3. Loan & Grant Program Overviews from USDA. Reviewed!

4. Last of appropriations before sending Town Report information to printers:

1. The Old Stone House. $350.00
2. Northeast Kingdom Learning Services, Inc. $300.00
3. Orleans County Sheriffs Department. $6,477.00
4. North Woods Stewardship Center. $800.00
5. Coutts-Moriati Camp, Inc. $150.00
6. Northeast Kingdom Human Services, Inc. $702.00
Approved to add all appropriations to the list

5. Grants for Cities and Towns Hot line. Reviewed!

6. Petition for Article to go into Town Report Warning. Need to have the names
verified and a tally taken to confirm the number of voters. If all is okay it
will be added.

7. Informational Letter from State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources on
wastewater disposal. Reviewed!

8. Copy of Post Closure re-certification from NEKWMD. Reviewed!

9. Better Buildings by Design conference. Reviewed!

10. Reporting requirements for Hazardous Waste Materials from Department of
Public Safety. Pass on to Maurice @ the Land fill.

11. Orders number 14 & 14A to be signed. Reviewed and signed. Please enclose
all receipts with the next orders. Thanks

Other business:

a. I need the budget and Selectmen’s Report for the Town Report ASAP. Thank
you. We are working on completing the budget. We are still waiting for some
numbers from the Road commissioner etc.

b. We met with the Curtis family about the Town Lot and went over some
possible options on what can be done to put some closure to the camp/ gate
issue. The Town lot of 213 +/- acres is located off Rte 114. This is still a
work in progress and once we have more to report we will do so. We will have
some information to present at the 2006 Town Meeting.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:25 pm

Written by: R. Guyer

Morgan Select Board Meeting 12/12/05

Morgan Select Board Meeting
Held on December 12th 2005 @ 7:00 PM

Present: Select board: R. Miller, R. Guyer, and Brian Gray

Meeting started at 7:00 pm

1. Minutes to meeting of November 28, 2005. Reviewed and approved

2. Letter of acceptance from Department of Taxes for APAS, LLC for complete
reappraisal to be completed for the April 1, 2008 grand list. Reviewed and

3. Revised proposed boundry agreement between the Town of Morgan and the
DuMoulins to be signed. Reviewed, R. miller will talk with Tammy further as
to who with in the cemetery commission has been involved. We hope to have this
resolved by the next meeting!

4. Sheshunoff, State and Local Government Disaster Recovery and Contingency
Planning 2005. Reviewed and decided that we do not need. We are sending it

5. VLCT News. Reviewed

6. USDA Rural Development Community Facility Loan and Grant Program. R. Miller
will contact and request more information for future projects.

7. December issue of Opinions. Reviewed

8. November/December addition of Environmental protection. Reviewed

9. November report from Orleans Sheriff’s Department. Reviewed

10. District Surcharge for 2006 from NEKWMD. Reviewed, and the adjusted
figures will be reflected in the new budget.

11. Appropriation requests from: Dailey Memorial Library $500.00
NVDA $380.98
Rural Commun Trans, Inc. $ 50.00
Court Diversion $ 75.00
NEKCA $275.00
Frontier Animal Society $500.00
STEP O.N.E. $250.00
RC&D $ 75.00
Reviewed, and added to the appropriations.

12. Expenditure Report/Revenue. Reviewed

13. Orders #13. Reviewed and signed.

Other business:
a. The next select board meeting will be held on Tuesday the 27th of December,
starting at the usual time of 7:00 pm. This was changed due to Christmas
falling on a Sunday this year.

b. We are reviewing alternate ways of dealing with all the appropriations
which are solicited to the Town of Morgan each Year. R. Guyer will be talking
with a board member from Derby, VT to see how they approach this issue.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:55 pm

Written by: R. Guyer

Morgan Select Board Meeting 11/28/05

Morgan Select Board Meeting
Held on November 28th 2005 @ 7:00 PM

Present: Select board: R. Miller, R. Guyer, Brian Gray, and Guest: Kenneth
Jenness, and Lloyd Smith

Meeting started at 7:05pm

1. Minutes to meeting of November 11, 2005. Reviewed and accepted with one
change. Need to add as other business discussion held with Diane regarding re-

2. Request for Town Clerk and Assistant to attend Payroll seminar and Tax
Administration Seminars. Reviewed and accepted request to attend.

3. Fall 2005 NESEC NEWS. Reviewed

4. Public Notice from the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources on Non-
Transient Non-Community Source Protection for the E Taylor Hatton School,
Morgan 6690. Reviewed and passed on to the school board chairperson for
further review.

5. Memo & Application from the League of Cities and Towns for Board of
Directors sought. Reviewed

6. Bill from Schesnoff. Being reviewed by the Town Clerk prior to paying.

7. Appropriations tabled from last meeting. Motion made to add them to the
appropriations list.

8. Update of Stray Animal Policy from Frontier Animal Society of Vermont. (I
sent a copy of this to Alan LaPlume, Animal Control Officer.) Reviewed

9. Appropriation request from Area Agency on Aging. Reviewed and agreed to add
to the appropriations list.

10. Waste Age Magazine. Reviewed

11. Public Works Magazine. Reviewed

12. November 2005 Issue of Northeast Municipal Forum. Reviewed

13. Orders #12 to approve and sign. Reviewed and signed.

Other business:
1. Discussion with Lloyd and Kenneth regarding concern for certain legalities
regarding Town Parcel of land (213 +/- acres). Their concern lies with the
right of way and the posted signs which are attached to the gate within the
right of way. We are reviewing the issue and will be contacting Mr. Page as
well as the VLCT regarding what can be done to resolve this issue. We are
still reviewing the current Curtis Camp issue. We are trying to resolve the
issue prior to Town Meeting.

2. We reviewed a letter from Brian Dumoulin who was on the agenda. He was not
present but he gave Richard Miller a letter with his concerns regarding a land
issue regarding the center cemetery across from the fishing access. We are
reviewing this issue and will be responding accordingly.

3. We accepted the listers choice for re-appraisal. They have put a lot of
time into reviewing bids for this job. They weighed many scenarios to find the
best fit with the Town of Morgan. Edgar A. Clodfelter will be doing the re-
appraisal with assistance from our listers.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:05 pm

Written by: R. Guyer

Morgan Select Board Meeting 11/11/05

MINUTES Morgan Select Board Meeting Held on November 11th 2005 @ 7:00 PM

Present: Select board: R. Miller, R. Guyer, Brian Gray, and Lister: Diane Moore

Meeting started at 7:03pm

1. Loyde Smith will be attending the meeting with concerns to the Town
Property. Did not show up!

2. Catherine Nash may be attending the meeting in reference to a Vender Permit
for the winter. Called and couldn’t make it till next meeting!

3. Minutes to Meeting of October 24, 2005. Reviewed and approved!

4. Information from RC&D. Reviewed!

5. Landowner permission form from David Laforce/Driftdusters Club. Approved
and signed!

6. Survey form from Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program. Filled out and
awaiting mailing!

7. FY07 Dues set from VLCT. Reviewed!

8. Notice of recent illegal dumping legislation passed from NEKWMD. Reviewed!

9. Maintenance agreement from Russell Graphics. Reviewed and accepted, will
add to the budget for 2007!

10. Information from Vermont Cares. Reviewed!

11. November Issue of Opinions. Reviewed and taken by Brian Gray!

12. Reimbursement from State of Vermont Current Use. Reviewed and accepted!

13. November Issue of VLCT News. Reviewed!

14. Registration form for The Legal and Practical Aspects of Property Tax
Collection for TammyLee Morin & Jim Judd to attend. Reviewed and approved to
send the fore mentioned as requested!

15. Orders #11 to be signed. Reviewed and signed!

16. Appropriation requests from: Northeast Kingdom Learning Services -$200.00
Orleans County Citizen Advocacy -$300.00 Green Up Vermont -$50.00. Tabled for
further review!

Other business: Motion made by R. Miller to give James Hinton a raise from
$8.00 to $9.00/ hour. Motion approved as written. James has been working at
the land fill for quite some time, and is very dependable. It was mentioned to
the board by some individuals that we should raise his pay.

I speak for the whole board when I say we thanks to those who are looking out
for others that we may over look, unintentionally of course. Once again thanks
for the feed back!

Meeting adjourned @ 8:33 pm

Written by: R. Guyer

Morgan Select Board Meeting 10/24/05

Morgan Select Board Meeting
Held on October 24th 2005 @ 7:00 PM

Present: R. Miller, R. Guyer, and Brian Gray
Guest: Bob Durgin

Meeting started at 7:05pm

1. Minutes of October 10, 2005 meeting. Approved as written
2. 2006 renewal application package from VLCT. Reviewed and approved
3. Report of reimbursement money from State of Vermont Highway. Reviewed
4. Letter from Genealogical Society of Utah informing the Town that they are unable to do the microfilming of the records. Reviewed
5. Memo from VLCT Re: Pilot Projects. Reviewed
6. Orders 8A & 9. Approved and signed.

Other business:

1. Voted Brian Gray in as Selectman till Town meeting to fill Roland Gonyaws position.
2. Reviewed and approved Bob Durgins request to be paid the $10.00/ hr amount agreed upon by Bob and Maurice at the land fill. We need to pay Bob an additional $2.00/hr for 29 hrs to make up the difference.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:00 pm

Morgan Select Board Meeting 10/10/05

Morgan Select Board Meeting
Held on October 10th 2005 @ 7:00 PM

Present: R. Miller, R. Guyer, Diane Moore, and Shawn Austin

Meeting started at 7:00pm

1. Minutes to meeting of September 26, 2005 to be approved: Approved as

2. Certificate of Fact change from the listers to be signed: Signed and

3. Report from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Reviewed.

4. Bill from Derby Line Fire Department: Reviewed. We will be sending each
party involved letters with appropriate request for payment.

5. Information from the USDA for water and waste water programs: Reviewed.

6. October addition of VLCT News: Reviewed.

7. Copy of letter to James T. McWain Re: Seymour Lake Water Levels, from
State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources: Reviewed.

8. Copy of Vermont Municipal Salaries & Benefits from the Legue of Cities and
Towns: Reviewed by R. Miller, and R. Guyer is reviewing prior to next meeting!

9. Letter from Department of Taxes Re: Compliance Plan: Reviewed and
discussed by Diane who was present at the meeting!

10. Orders #8 to be approved and signed: Approved and signed.

Other business: Shawn was present at the meeting to discuss up coming road
work on RTE 111 for next year. The state is talking about covering the
existing road instead of doing the extensive work they did to this year’s
section. It was recommended by Shawn that we the Select board send a letter
explaining why we want the next section to be done at the same quality as this
years work. Shawn also recommended we place notices for citizens to sign thru
out the town. R. Miller will be drafting a letter before the next meeting and
Robert Guyer and Shawn Austin will be reviewing it.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:20 pm