Ancient Roads Meeting 10-21-08

Ancient Roads Meeting
October 21, 2008, 7 p.m.
Town Clerk’s Office

Larry Labor, Allan Wooley, Brian Gray, Ilene Douglas, Maryann Beaupre, Carrie
Tompkins, and Don Bennett

#1. Brian Gray brought the meeting to order. Maryann Beaupre’ volunteered to
be secretary while Ruby Jenness recuperates from shoulder surgery. Minutes
from the last meeting were distributed and read. Larry Labor made a motion to
accept the minutes as read.

#2 & 8. Larry Labor, the treasurer, reviews the finances. Last year we
received a $5,000. grant to investigate the roads. Allen Wooley purchased
maps from David Allen of the old roads of Morgan. This map has a key to tell
when the road first appeared on a map. This map is different from the DeBiers
maps. This seems to be much more accurate. Allen Wooley made a reproduction
of this map which comes from as 1859 wall map. David Allen and Allen Wooley
have been paid for their services. Larry Labor says they (the state) needs
time logs to prove that we are interested in doing this.

#3. Allan Wooley’s Report: The Listers allowed us to post our map in the
Lister’s office. Copies have been made for us to peruse. There are 4 or 5 maps
with 2 laminated. We need to go through and list the roads from the town
books. Allen Wooley has made copies of the list from one book by hand. The
program that Allen recommended was Map Draw. Allen was able to get a few 60
day trial programs. We will not be able to secure the newer program without
complications. In order to research the roads you have lots of records to dig
through and compare to some sort of picture of the area. Allen has gone
through the towns first two volumes of records. It was asked of Allen if he
needs help – He says yes because it is tedious work to dig through these
volumes. Allan Wooley asked if we should purchase the Map Draw System. It is
$129 – $139 to get it on disc and to move forward. This system was
recommended by the state. The consensus was to hold on purchase until we
know more about the regional planning commission.

#4. Larry Labor states that the Regional Planning Committee has mapping
software that we may be have access to. Allen Wooley will consult with Larry
Labor before going ahead with any purchase of software.

#5. Brian Gray reports that he talked to the Agency of Transportation in
Newport. In particular he has talked to Mr. Keys and is trying to talk to the
State Department of Transportation and is not having much of any results. He
will report back to our committee before our next meeting so we can move

#6. We discussed how we could increase our membership. Ilene Douglas says she
will talk to Beverly May in hopes to have her become a member. Larry Labor
says he has recruited. We need to line someone up as a recruiter to see if we
can get some new members.

#7. Larry Labor suggests we get a consultant for a day or two to help us so we
don’t become bogged down. Allen Wooley will call the Department of Housing
for what the planning commission may have.

#9. Don Bennett say he will look for his map that his grandmother gave him so
we may have another reference piece.

#10. Time of next meeting is December 2, 2008 at 7 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Maryann Beaupre’