Morgan Select Board Meeting 9/14/15

Morgan Select Board Meeting
Held on September 14, 2015 @ 6:00 PM

Selectmen’s Draft Agenda/Minutes
September 14, 2015

Zoning Officer Steve Matson will be attending the meeting in reference to Junk
Yard Ordinance and complaint.

Present: Chair, Larry Labor, Robert Guyer, Thomas Bonneville and Amanda
Wright taking the minutes in place of Clerk TammyLee Morin.

Others Present: Steve Matson, John Kipp, Peggy Barter, Bruce Barter, Candy
Moot, Jane Kipp, Del Green, James Judd, Laura Carpenter, Gerry Cahill.

1. Minutes of meeting of August 24, 2015 to review and approve as written.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of August 24, 2015 as

2. To let any guests speak.

Morgan resident D.G. came to Select Board meeting requesting assistance from
the Town, He expressed concerns and frustrations regarding his neighbors
lack of respect for their property appearance and their property
management. Repeated attempts by D.G. to rectify the situation have not
resulted in clean up activity. Areas of concern were free ranging domestic
animals, excess number of unregistered motor vehicles, and permitting of
zoning violations etc…

He also addressed land devaluation and the in ability to sell his subdivided
lots because of the views of the offending property.

a. Contact Town Attorney Re: Letter to property owner.
b. Discuss Act 250 violation – gravel pit.
c. Have Town Zoning Administrator send letter to property owner citing
violation and need for remediation.

3. An e-mail from VLCT for Town Health Officers Free Workshop to help deal
with local public health hazards and rental housing code enforcements. (
this was forwarded to Kathy Brule Lazarra, Town Health Officer).

So noted read and reviewed.

4. Letter from Town of Derby Planning and Zoning asking for comments on
amendment to the Derby Zoning Bylaw.

A motion was made and seconded that Chair Larry Labor will make a phone call.
Read and reviewed.

5. Toad Pond road signs discussion from the Derby Town School Principal Stacey

A motion was made and seconded that Larry Labor will make a site visit and
tabled until next meeting of September 28, 2015.

6. Request for information from Vt. Agency of Natural Resourses on regarding
specific funding requests for the implementation of Universal Recycling, to
assist them in gaging overall funding needs.

A motion was made and seconded that it needs to go to the next step and will
be sent to Paul Tomasi at Waste Management for review.

7. Russell Guyer was asking if the Town would like the Transfer Station mowed
again this year. It was done last year because Mr. Wood was haying up
there, but there was no haying at this point so far this year.

A motion was made and seconded to have Tammy contact Woody to see about
wanting the hay. If he does not the Town will have Russel Guyer mow it.

8. Town Equipment discussion.

The tow behind grader that is at the Ken Jenness’s property. A motion was
made and seconded to send the Jenness’s a letter thanking them for storing
the grader, but that it was Town equipment and needs to be returned and
stored on Town property. The Town will also contact the VLCT regarding the
liability of letting town residents use the equipment.

9. School Maintinance.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the following repairs that need to
be done before the Town sells, leases or keeps it.

a. The 18 inch riser for the septic needs to be repaired or replaced.
b. Bill Worth looked at Gutter and a lot of facial boards need to be replaced.
Bill gave an estimate to fix facial boards, gutters etc.…Total estimate
c. Stoned out window-Glass Man will fix.
d. Once Gutters are repaired/replaced, porch needs to be pressure washed and
e. Kitchen door is all rusted – will contact Roland Tetreault to

10. Notice from the Vermont Public Service Board re: Seymour Lake Solar LLC
500 kW Group Net-Metering Project Notice of Application for Certificate of
Public Good received September 9 2015 and a packet from LC&A (Legal
Counselors & Advocates PLC, received 09-08-2015).

The Town received a packet on September 8th that was post marked September
3rd. The Town had 21 days to comment. Chair Larry Labor contacted Leslie
Cadwell to get an extension. This was verbally agreed to do. The filing
and the date was changed to September 30th. (An e-mail should be forth
coming from Leslie with confirmation of this.) The public Service Board
notice is for a 500 kilowatt solar panel farm. This will be a commercial
installation and will go through VEC lines and net metered credits to Jay
Peak. The Seymour Lake Association is an organization that can also apply
for an intervenor status.

Property owners will have limited ability to see panels in the summer, as most
are screened by existing vegetation.

Candy Moot said that the Seymour Lake Association will work with the Town Re:
emailing a list of notices etc.

A motion was made and seconded to publically notice an Informational meeting
on Monday, September 21st, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the E. Taylor Hatton
School. Notice will be posted at the Town Office, Morgan store, the
newspaper and on the website.

Chair, Larry Labor will contact David Bliitersdorf’s organization asking him
to attend or send a representative to the meeting.

Concerns are:

a. Environmental issues.
b. Habitat issues.
c. Run off water issues.

11. Orders #15011 to review and approve and sign.

Orders # 15011 Payroll was reviewed, approved and signed on September 10. 2015
in the amount of $1,919.10 by Larry Labor and Thomas Bonneville.

Orders #15011 Accounts payable were reviewed and approved on September 14th
2105 in the amount of 34,037.15

Other Business: N/A