Morgan Select Board Meeting 11/28/05

Morgan Select Board Meeting
Held on November 28th 2005 @ 7:00 PM

Present: Select board: R. Miller, R. Guyer, Brian Gray, and Guest: Kenneth
Jenness, and Lloyd Smith

Meeting started at 7:05pm

1. Minutes to meeting of November 11, 2005. Reviewed and accepted with one
change. Need to add as other business discussion held with Diane regarding re-

2. Request for Town Clerk and Assistant to attend Payroll seminar and Tax
Administration Seminars. Reviewed and accepted request to attend.

3. Fall 2005 NESEC NEWS. Reviewed

4. Public Notice from the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources on Non-
Transient Non-Community Source Protection for the E Taylor Hatton School,
Morgan 6690. Reviewed and passed on to the school board chairperson for
further review.

5. Memo & Application from the League of Cities and Towns for Board of
Directors sought. Reviewed

6. Bill from Schesnoff. Being reviewed by the Town Clerk prior to paying.

7. Appropriations tabled from last meeting. Motion made to add them to the
appropriations list.

8. Update of Stray Animal Policy from Frontier Animal Society of Vermont. (I
sent a copy of this to Alan LaPlume, Animal Control Officer.) Reviewed

9. Appropriation request from Area Agency on Aging. Reviewed and agreed to add
to the appropriations list.

10. Waste Age Magazine. Reviewed

11. Public Works Magazine. Reviewed

12. November 2005 Issue of Northeast Municipal Forum. Reviewed

13. Orders #12 to approve and sign. Reviewed and signed.

Other business:
1. Discussion with Lloyd and Kenneth regarding concern for certain legalities
regarding Town Parcel of land (213 +/- acres). Their concern lies with the
right of way and the posted signs which are attached to the gate within the
right of way. We are reviewing the issue and will be contacting Mr. Page as
well as the VLCT regarding what can be done to resolve this issue. We are
still reviewing the current Curtis Camp issue. We are trying to resolve the
issue prior to Town Meeting.

2. We reviewed a letter from Brian Dumoulin who was on the agenda. He was not
present but he gave Richard Miller a letter with his concerns regarding a land
issue regarding the center cemetery across from the fishing access. We are
reviewing this issue and will be responding accordingly.

3. We accepted the listers choice for re-appraisal. They have put a lot of
time into reviewing bids for this job. They weighed many scenarios to find the
best fit with the Town of Morgan. Edgar A. Clodfelter will be doing the re-
appraisal with assistance from our listers.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:05 pm

Written by: R. Guyer