Morgan Select Board Meeting 10/10/05

Morgan Select Board Meeting
Held on October 10th 2005 @ 7:00 PM

Present: R. Miller, R. Guyer, Diane Moore, and Shawn Austin

Meeting started at 7:00pm

1. Minutes to meeting of September 26, 2005 to be approved: Approved as

2. Certificate of Fact change from the listers to be signed: Signed and

3. Report from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Reviewed.

4. Bill from Derby Line Fire Department: Reviewed. We will be sending each
party involved letters with appropriate request for payment.

5. Information from the USDA for water and waste water programs: Reviewed.

6. October addition of VLCT News: Reviewed.

7. Copy of letter to James T. McWain Re: Seymour Lake Water Levels, from
State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources: Reviewed.

8. Copy of Vermont Municipal Salaries & Benefits from the Legue of Cities and
Towns: Reviewed by R. Miller, and R. Guyer is reviewing prior to next meeting!

9. Letter from Department of Taxes Re: Compliance Plan: Reviewed and
discussed by Diane who was present at the meeting!

10. Orders #8 to be approved and signed: Approved and signed.

Other business: Shawn was present at the meeting to discuss up coming road
work on RTE 111 for next year. The state is talking about covering the
existing road instead of doing the extensive work they did to this year’s
section. It was recommended by Shawn that we the Select board send a letter
explaining why we want the next section to be done at the same quality as this
years work. Shawn also recommended we place notices for citizens to sign thru
out the town. R. Miller will be drafting a letter before the next meeting and
Robert Guyer and Shawn Austin will be reviewing it.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:20 pm